Working with this company has made purchasing a home a lot easier. Communication from the very start has been great and always easy and available to get ahold of even on days they aren't working! I was very happy that they were willing to help when home maintenance issues arose after the purchase process to help with finding someone to help us with repairs, working with us on our budget for our home to maintain without our loan and be able to make repairs and checking up on us to see if everything was taken care of when needed. They made the experience a lot easier to handle then it would've been to do it alone and not know who to contact when I'm needing help or information. They took time and effort to ensure we were happy and doing well all throughout the process

- Jessica

Dear reader, Shannon Russell was the agent that handled my home buying experience. This was our very first time looking to buy a home, so we had an awful lot of (sometime weird) questions and concerns. There was times I would call this poor lady so early in the morning (due to time difference) and she'd answer. (I apologize for that Shannon!!) She made sure that every question and concern was answered promptly and accurately. If she was ever unsure of the response to my (sometimes weird) questions she would immediately look into my concerns. Long story short, Shannon is very professional and caring! Went above and beyond anything I could have expected. If I every look into buying another home, the next agent has some mighty big shoes to fill. Thank you Shannon, for everything you and your company has done for our family, I will recommend you to everyone I know interested in home owning.

- Truly grateful, Kelly M

Shannon was always sure to get the answers we were needing and was always very timely on her responses and very friendly. She got us into the house very quickly when we were needing to check it out or to look at things that were in question.

- Linzie. S

This opportunity that I have been given is a great experience. I was having a hard time finding a house, a home. I finally found a company that blessed me with just that. The first time i talked with Shannon, who walked me through the process I felt a good feeling so genuine. I was pleased at hello. When I first saw the property, yes it needed some work but it felt like home. I was excited and the customer service that was given to me was refreshing. I have never went through a company from out of state for my home. I was so nervous.The company customer service and communication skills made me feel at ease and I am left with a smile on my face!

- Erica C

To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter to say that Shannon has been very helpful with getting into our rent to own home. If we had any problems or concerns throughout the process all we have had to do is get a hold of her and she would do whatever she could to help us out. She has been a tremendous help in getting our home. Big thank you to Shannon for all her assistance.

- D. Smith-Downs

When I saw the listing Shannon had I immediately called her. Going through the process of the rent to own program I began to get skeptical because she's in a completely different state as the home and with all the internet scams going on it made me nervous. I proceeded with caution did a lot of research on her, the company and property. Each time Shannon put me and my husband at ease. Even with me giving Shannon a bit of a time asking all the who, what, where, when and why's we made it through. She could have easily went with another, less suspicious applicant but she stuck it out with us understanding the concern. If I ever had to go through this again I would definitely see what properties her company offers first. The process was easy and to the point.

- S. Boston

I have really enjoyed working with Kathie. She made the buying process simple and stress free. I highly recommend her to others. The process is quicker than you think. I thought I would be in my home on Friday instead I am in my home today!!!

- Tiffini C

This chapter of my life could never have happened without the work that Kathie Sullivan did for me. She is helpful & one of the nicest people to work with. She gives every aspect of home ownership her expertise & full devotion to get it done & done right. I could never believed that owning a home could have been possible without her help & thoroughness in her business. You could never ask for a more knowledgeable & thoughtful person in the business.

- Priscilla S

Dear NCR, I am pleased with the service and help I have gotten from your company. Krista, has been exceptionally great and understanding with me while I have been with you guys. I enjoy the understanding you guys have for people that have less than perfect credit which was my case and you all go out and beyond for use as home buyers to be able to make that happen. My personal experience with you guys have been extremely great. You guys work as fast as possible to make a person dreams come true expecially when times are hard. I suffered a house fire and when I found my home you guys were able to put me into it as quickly as possible when others wouldn’t give me that kind of chance. With this I give Krista and her team a big thank you and hopefully be with you guys even in future. I would recommend you guys to anyone that is in the situation I was due to being treated politely and respected for who I am and not what I was. Thanks again for my chance to own a home it’s been the best experience I’ve ever had working with you guys for that you all deserve five stars.

- T. Sanchez

My name is Cassie Hernandez and I recently bought my first ever house through this company and from the first time I spoke with Them they walked me through every process and made it possible for me and my children to have a home to call ours. Krista went above and beyond to help me and I’m so very thankful for this opportunity!!! I can finally go to work and come home to my own home and I could have never done it without Nationwide Community!!! Thanks again for everything you all have done to make all my dreams come true. never thought buying a home would be so cheap and easy but with a company and employee’s like y’all, you made it all happen!!

- Hernandez Family

When I first started looking for a home I was looking to get into something quickly due to the situation I was in. The home we were staying in we had to move due to mold. So in the process of looking for a place to live I came across this home. I was very nervous at first because for one my husband n I didn’t have perfect credit n we didn’t have a lot of money. Also the company was in a different state so we didn’t want to be scammed. Well when I contacted the seller Kris she was very nice n patience because I had so many questions. Kris really explained everything to us n really made us felt comfortable. Even with me calling her earlier in the morning due to the 3hour time difference she still was very nice and pleasant. Kris really made this process very easy n quick. I’m so grateful n happy for my home n for Kris who made it happened for us. I would recommend this company to anyone.

- K. Pressley

We were first time home buyers and we can honestly say the experience has been fun, educational, and above all satisfying. We would tell anyone to make the same choice we did; you will not regret it. If you're looking for an excellent company that will make the home-buying process simple and comfortable, look no further.

- T. Polk & C. Gates

Somalia was awesome, she was on point with everything I needed in renting to own my new home! I am so happy, she made it very easy and very understanding with everything, as far as documents that I needed to provide, and was concerned and considering and I really like that she was the miracle I need for 2019 and thanks again!"

- P. Brown

Kathy Sullivan Helped me get a house when no one would in mortgage and financing would talk to me. She was very polite and considerate and explained everything to me. Yes there is such an organization that does take a chance on you as they are the real deal and I am thankful for these people.

- F. Brown

I contacted Kathy on June 7th, went and looked at the property on June 10th. Submitted my application on line that night and things went so fast after that... I was so amazed that I was thinking this is too good to be true... people were telling me to be careful it could be a scam. I called bbb and verified and then the bank also helped in verifiing. On June 20th everything was done and house was ours! Kathy walked me thru every step, she called me and talked about family and children and we got to know each other and became I would say "friends from affair". She is awesome! She knows her stuff and she works hard to get you a home!!! I would definitely recommend this company! We had tried to buy a house and our credit wasn't good enough, Kathy and the partners at nationwide gave us a second chance! Thank you so much for everything

- B. Fell

Working with Kathie was a absolute pleasure. Literally within eight days time I went from looking at the property to moving into the property. The process was simple and easy. I never knew home ownership would come so easily for me. I tried other rent to own places in the past and every time I got to the credit portion even though the company said credit did not matter, when it came to the credit portion I always got turned down. Kathie always kept me informed as to what was going on as soon as she found out any information. If I was to look into buying another property from Nationwide community revitalization, I would not hesitate it was an absolute pleasure working with Kathie Sullivan and her team. I received the news at work about 4:30 p.m. and it had me sitting in the break room in tears because I always want to buy a home but I knew that my credit was not where it needed to be, even thou I had substantial income to purchase. I do not look at the pair repair work as a job I look at it as a pleasure because I can own this property. If you are looking to buy a home please do not hesitate to look into Nationwide communityrevitalization service with Kathie Sullivan. They are a real company, and yes I am a real person....lol Thanks again Kathie you made me and my husband's dream come true!!!!

- L. Lester