Our “Lease to Own” programs come with low down and low monthly payments.

We offer monthly payments that are typically less than average rents in the area. When you purchase through us, a portion of every payment is credited toward the principal balance of the purchase price. Our prices generally range from $50,000-$150,000. Our properties offer value add opportunities and may require cosmetic and/or remodeling work. Homes are sold “as is” which enables us to offer them at affordable prices. This gives buyers the time and flexibility to build the home of their dreams.

Our goal is to match each home with a qualified buyer.

Our ideal Buyer / Lessee is an aspiring homeowner looking for a sweat equity opportunity to improve their own life and the life of their family. They have steady income and good rental history. They are tired of renting and want their payments to go toward a home they will own. Our Buyers / Lessees understand that “Lease to own” means they are responsible for utilities, maintenance and repairs like any other homeowner. They want to know that the investment of their time, money, and effort is going toward increasing the value of their home.

We value clear communication, honesty, and integrity. You can feel confident in knowing we are here to make your home-buying experience easy and enjoyable. Our dedicated staff takes pride in helping qualified applicants achieve success in their pursuit of homeownership.

Disclaimer: All information is derived from third party sources, including but not limited to property assessments, appraisals, and title reports, if any, is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Pictures of the property contained herein may not be current and may not accurately reflect the condition of the property at any future date. Applicants should determine the condition of the property by physical inspection prior to purchase. NCR offers this property for lease/sale in “as is” condition at the time of sale or closing, including any defects of any nature, known or unknown. Applicant acknowledges and verifies that Applicant has carried out the due diligence needed to make their decision prior to entering into a Lease-to-Own Agreement with NCR.