Our Story


Providing hardworking families throughout the nation with an affordable path to homeownership

Core Values

Integrity, strong work ethic, exceptional customer service, and accomplishing our goals by helping others accomplish theirs


Since 2014, Nationwide Community Revitalization LLC (NCR) has built a team of skilled real estate professionals who enjoy helping families attain their goal of homeownership. There is a large percentage of people in this country who are unable to qualify for a mortgage to purchase their first home due to challenges with their credit, employment history, or lack of down payment. This is where we come in. Our Lease to Own programs are designed specifically to help serve those people and families, who have been blocked by these barriers to home ownership. We understand that while many parts of the country have recovered from the recession, many families are still feeling the effects of the 2007 financial crash. We aim to accelerate the recovery for those who are doing everything they can to provide a better life for themselves and their family. We have helped nearly 100 families and we look forward to helping many more!

Leadership Team

Jeffrey Sustaita
Jeffrey has more than a decade of experience in the real estate, finance, and construction industries. He has an MBA in Finance, is a licensed contractor, and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). His commitment to continued education and growth creates added value for NCR's aspiring homeowners, investors, and team members.
Douglas Diakite
Douglas has personally managed hundreds of assets since entering the real estate and mortgage field in 2008. He is a licensed realtor in the state of California, and has experience managing assets located all over the US. Like Jeff, Doug has been able to apply the skills and knowledge he has gained over the years as he strives to make NCR the best available option for families seeking homeownership.
Shannon Russell is an established Realtor in San Diego, California. After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2009, she created Shannanigans Concierge Services. There, she provided executive and consulting services for her clients. She also handled marketing, sales, data analysis, social media and organizing events for one of her clients, a local realtor. Shannon is passionate about helping people achieve home ownership. She relates to her clients making them feel confident and comfortable with the rent to own process.