Rent To Own Application

To complete the application you will need:

  1. Copy of driver license - for all applicants
  2. Copy of social security card - for all applicants
  3. Proof of Income - for all applicants
  4. Copy of award letters - for all applicants (If on government sponsored programs)
  5. Credit score from ( provides free credit score.)
  6. Copy of most recent tax return or w-2 may be required at NCR's discretion

Rent to Own Approval Process

  1. Applicant submits completed application to NCR
  2. NCR processes application (takes 2-3 business days from receipt of completed application)
  3. Applicant receives "pre-approval" notification from NCR
  4. Applicant receives an emailed link from ISC to complete a credit and background search (ISC charges a $34.99 fee)
  5. NCR reviews background and credit report and issues "final approval" (takes 2 business days)
NOTE: Nationwide Community Revitalization will contact Applicant(s) by phone when the application has received final approval. Applicant(s) must complete background screening process prior to final approval.
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